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Course Curriculum: What inside?

This module gives you an introduction as to how you should go through the training program and implement the strategies that have helped me to scale my business to over 1.7M USD /14 Crore, just using free traffic and a sneak peek into my million-dollar store, where I walk through all the store analytics and revenue and traffic sources.

This module dives into some cool and new ways to discover untapped niche ideas and also teaches you the correct parameters to look for in a Million Dollar Niche.

This module teaches you multiple ways to find genuine and reliable suppliers. I will also give you a list of reliable suppliers with whom I am worked for my store and my client’s stores. These suppliers are fast, reliable, and offer great pricing.

In this, you will learn how to uncover easy-to-rank high-volume keywords and sneaky tricks to steal your competitor’s keyword profile that brings them massive sales.

In this module, you will learn a secret way to create a store you can never find on youtube. I will teach you some cool tricks to apply that will bring massive amounts of free traffic to your store. Some cool hacks while naming your store that can put you way ahead of your competitors.

This module provides some out-of-the-box ideas that e-commerce store owners overlook as to how you can optimize your Homepage, Collection, Page, and Product page to bring massive amounts of consistent Free traffic from google.

This module is one of the essential parts of the whole training. It teaches you about the technical aspects of your store that make all the difference between an average trendy ecom store and a store that creates free consistent traffic and give you almost a passive income business.

 91% of B2Bs and 86% of B2Cs  currently use content marketing.No Businesses can survive without Result-focused content, which is why many ecom stores open and shut in a brief span of time. So in this module, I teach you how to create result-oriented, conversion-driven content that helps you acquire free customers and build brand loyalty.

Link building is an important part of getting a huge amount of free traffic and building your brand reputation in the eyes of google, so in this module, I teach you a step-by-step way to build links, and I provide templates and SOPs to ease the whole process. 

For those of you guys who have a marketing budget and want results right from day one, I have added this module in which we go through the complete integration of google ads with your ecom store and launch profitable ads in a step-by-step manner. 

With over 443 Million monthly active users, Pinterest is the Fourth Most Popular Social Media Site in the US. That brings an excellent opportunity for ecommerce entrepreneurs like us to market our products for free. In this module, we go through how we can leverage the power of Pinterest to get free traffic to our store; we also included a case study of a store that makes 15K using free traffic.

In this module, I go through how I generated 14 Million Visits, all free to my Facebook page, which resulted in free sales on my store. Also, go through a case study of a store that generated 4500 USD using the power of Fb page and Fb Groups.

In this module, I go through how I created a channel to experiment and quickly started to attract 1000’s views to my videos, which resulted in sales on my ecommerce store.

REELS are hot right now, and people are making 6-Figures using the power of IG Reels. In this module, we go through a case study of a store that generated 60K USD in 3 months using free IG traffic and how you can do the same.

In this module, I will teach you how to recruit affiliates for your store that will bring sales like clockwork to your store without a single upfront investment. Your passive income-building army.

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”  So in this module, I go through how you can analyze the status and traffic generated by your marketing efforts and how to use those metrics to scale your store to the next level.

Use Code 👉 "C700" to get 700 Off 🎊 First 100 Students Only

Student Success

Let Me Give You A Sneak Peak...

Meet the creator of E-Comm Success Toolkit™

Hey 👋 — I’m Imroz, the founder of AVM Solution and the Owner of 3 E-Commerce Store Running Worldwide.

One of the Store’s Revenues I have Shared Below.

Fun Fact 😉  It was all made with Free Traffic without investing a single dime on Paid Ads.

With the Ecom Underdogs™

You can get to know the secrets of a high converting succesful ecommerce store and also know where you’re leaving (heaps of) money on the table.

If you have dreamt of starting an ecommerce business but always lacked the budget to invest into paid ads or inventory. Ecom Underdogs is the right opportunity to begin your million-dollar business with little to no budget. In this training we use dropship model to save the money people spend on the inventory and use free traffic to save money on ads.

I started this business in college, and as a boy from a lower-middle-class family, I had no money to invest in paid ads. So I figured out a way to scale my business into a 7 Figure business using free traffic.

In this training program, I have revealed all the secrets that I implemented to scale my store to 7 Figures just using free traffic.

I have put my blood and sweat into creating this ultimate E-Comm Underdogs™ to save you time and money. You also get a chance to win 1 Lakh in cash and a laptop.

There is no such training like this on the internet, and I am damn sure you will like it. But even if you don’t like the training, we offer a seven-day full refund, no questions asked.

So quickly hop on to this opportunity before seats are total and we bump up the price. See you inside

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Use Code 👉 "C700" to get 700 Off 🎊 First 100 Students Only

What Students Say

Frequently asked questions

It’s a recorded course which will be given to you in a video format. On signup, you will create account and password using which you can watch all the modules in one go.

This course duration is 11 hours+

This course is available in both Hindi and English. Contact support (+91 85095 92691) if you face any problem.

We recommend having a laptop or pc it will make easier for you to do business but you can do it with the phone or going to cyber cafe will be good also you just have to do more hard work and after earning enough money you can buy your laptop or pc.

We give lifetime support to our students so you can ask as many questions you want and we have a dedicated Facebook group also for the student, where you can ask as many questions as you like.

Absolutely yes. Infact I started this business when I was in my college with little to no money.

Yes you can because all the things taught in the programme can be easily done from the home from a laptop. Anjali one our students from bengaluru mother of two kids created a successful  business named Blingbox right from the comfort of her home.

Yes you can Infact many of my students who have taken this training are working in IT companies and do this as their side hustle to generate passive income.

The Videos are shared in the member’s area, you cannot download them however you can watch it anytime you want – any number of times you want. All you need is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet connection.

Please call us on +91 85095 92691 or write to us at and we will take care of your queries.

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